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Pop Up Artisanal Projects


Mixed Grain Sourdough Rustic Artisanal Bread

Sourdough Rising
Good for your Gut. Sourdough is unique because it does not require commercial yeast in order to rise.

It’s made with a fermented culture of flour and water, or a ‘starter’
which acts as a natural leavening agent.

Sourdough is known for its characteristic flavor (ranging from mild to strong), chewy texture and crisp crust. From a health standpoint, it dominates when compared to standard loaves. The naturally occurring acids and long fermentation help to break down the proteins and gluten, making it more digestible and easy for the body to absorb.

And it tastes darn good.

Past Projects

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Snow Days = Food Days
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Fresh Baked Sourdough
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Fresh Watermelon
Solo Zucchini Chip
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Gluten Free Granola
Vanilla Dairy Free Ice Cream
Pop Up Products
Watermelon Chips
 Small Batch Ice Cream
 Artisanal Ice Cream
Kale Chip Orders
Sweet Watermelon Chips
Le Petit Angels
Lunch Is Served
Bakery is opened
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Buttery Rum Brussels Sprouts
Butternut Squash Gnocchi
Japanese Style Kale Salad
Kale Chips - 6 Flavors Available
Artisanal Small Batch
All Natural Cosmetics
All Natural Concealer
Rasberry Red Lipgloss
Mineral Foundation
Health Center
The Deep Freeze
Pickled Probiotic Veggies
Carrot Cake Muffins
Kale Salads
Salad Dressings
Coconut Flour Cookies
Blueberry Pancakes
The way to go
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