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Board Certified
Judith Elvira Tobal Betesh
NTA Graduate Badge
Body Lab Graduate Badge
NANP Graduate Badge

Healing is the process of the restoration of health from an unbalanced, diseased, damaged or unvitalized organism.


When my husband Frederick began to suffer the failing of his first transplanted kidney at the beginning of our marriage (and then continued to suffer over the course of  10 years on and off due to Kidney rejection and its complications  )

I felt lost , afraid and helpless.

I didn’t understand how the body worked and I couldn’t bear to see him in pain. 

No one should ever have to see their loved ones in pain.


I decided to embark on the path that called out to me which was widely labelled Holistic Health.

After Graduating IIN (Institute Of Integrative Nutrition)

I began Interning as a Clinical Medical Researcher for an Herbalist and a Functional Doctor ;

I started working with private clients helping them identify and correct nutritional imbalances, deficiencies , and health issues/ concerns which has now been ongoing for over a decade.

I realized through applying the knowledge I was quickly acquiring, that it was making a direct positive impact on my Husband and his health. 

Eager to learn more I began researching a more in-depth schooling and finally joined NTA's training which would lead me on the path to becoming an FNTP - a Functional Nutrition Therapy Practitioner. 

NTA's schooling taught me the power of real food combined with the body’s innate intelligence and its incredible capacity to restore, regenerate, and correct itself .

When given the proper balance and nutrients, can heal itself. 

My journey is always continuing on to the path of Holistic Health and Nutrition.

What I Originally started for my husband , I now do for myself, and for others in need. 

One of the insights that was revealed to me on this journey is that we need to truly believe in ourselves and always trust our gut.

Our bodies have innate wisdom and are much smarter and more in tune than we realize, especially in regards to healing ourselves. 

The bodies healing allows us to reclaim our power.

It gives us the opportunity to fit the pieces back together in such a way so that we are stronger than ever before. 

In 2021, I became Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition® a credential which demonstrates that I have achieved the highest level of professional recognition (validating my knowledge and experience) in the holistic nutrition industry.


Being Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition® enables me to serve you with the best, most current research and advanced nutritional science.


To maintain this designation, I am required to take part in and document numerous continuing education units every two years.


Board certification proves that I am aware of and conduct my nutrition business within the legal scope of service and standards of professional conduct.


I am very proud of this designation and it is my hope that the value it adds to your health journey is evident in every service I offer.


Knowledge is power and I continue to add to my resume ;

I recently became a professional member of the National Association of Nutrition Professionals (NANP).

and a Certified Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapist.

Trauma isn't just psychological. It can impact your body too.

Health Coach

"The first time I went to Judy I was starting to feel badly in general. She put me on a strict regimen with supplements chosen specifically for me. Within a few months I was a new , energized person. The second time several years later it was because I noticed that over time my metabolism was slowing down. Even though i worked out regularly and ate properly i kept putting on weight unitl I started Judys program. I dropped 20 pounds , kept it off, eat better and feel great. Judy educates her clients about food in a way no one else does."


"I was sick and couldnt live a functional life for my entire adult life. No regular physician could figure out what was wrong with me. Only Judy was smart enough to look at absolutely every angle and ask the right questions to be able to not only diagnose me and not only cure me of my sickness, but also help lose a tremendous amount of weight in a healthy and long lasting way. Because of Judy I am as healthy as ive ever ben in my entire life and living fulfilled, happy, and functional life. As an added bonus, Judy is willing to talk to me every day to make sure I stay on track. It is the highlight of my day. I cannot recommend Judy enough."


"Judys knowledge and dedication is amazing. She really motivates you to take care of yourself on all fronts. Mind, body, and soul"


"When i went to Judy she was quickly able to recognize my issues and rolled out a planto resolving them. She was super understanding and just got it. Judy is very passionit about health and wellness and inspires me to live a better life daily"


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