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I like to Feed People.
Scratch that, I LOVE to feed people.

Want to enjoy delicious, custom meals at home without having to meal plan, grocery shop, prep, cook and clean up every day?
Let me do the work for you!!

My Grandmother, Elvira Faham was my first inspiration.  My lifetime of seeing how food can heal on so many different levels only serves to strengthen my dedication to working with clients.
Whether it's bringing friends and family together, nourishment for the body and soul, or physically healing an ailment -It is truly love.
People who give you their food, give you their heart. This inspired me to learn and aid others on how to use food as a healing modality on all levels.

 Whether you prefer visually stunning, gourmet dinners, or simple family-friendly fare, we’ll work together to create menus that reflect your personal palate and dietary needs.
 You’ll get to enjoy healthy homemade meals without having to lift a finger!!
I can prepare meals in your home kitchen or have them delivered to you,
and I am happy to cook for households of any size.
 Whether I’m cooking for one person or a crowd, my high standards and passion for beautiful, wholesome food ensure an unforgettable dining experience.
Eating locally grown and produced food has a multitude of benefits, which is why I shop at farmer's markets and organic grocers whenever possible. My meals are made with the freshest, highest quality ingredients available.
Do you need a more hands-on help with your meal preparation?
Or perhaps you have a big catered party coming up?
The type of menu we offer is individualized for each client depending on your needs and goals.

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